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Lower School: Kindergarten - 4th

Lower School Anchor

All Saints' Lower School provides a setting, which encourages independent study habits and academic growth. 

Our goal is for students to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready for the challenges of the upper grades while offering an academically rigorous integrated curriculum.


Lower School students are encouraged to honor, respect, and love God and others in an intellectually stimulating, and culturally diverse community


We provide opportunities for each child to achieve academic excellence in a Christian environment that builds character and respect for all God's creation

We offer:

  • Differentiated and individualized instruction

  • Cooperative learning and outdoor classroom experiences in agriculture

  • Enrichment Classes: Art, Music, Spanish, Technology, Faith Studies, Library, Science, and Physical Education

  • Activities that develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and foster spiritual, physical, cultural and social development

  • Lessons that promote the balance of self-confidence with responsibility, and compassion

  • Experiences in leadership with cooperation, intellectual challenge with social acceptance and tolerance

  • Opportunity to grow academically, enhance socialization skills in learning how to work collaboratively

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Language Arts
  • Encouragement to read for fluency, comprehension, and understanding

  • Letter and sound recognition skills

  • Blending and phonetic rules for reading

  • Sentence structure, grammar, and spelling

  • Creative writing skills

  • Sight words


  • Practice writing all 26 upper and lower-case letters, words, sentences, stories, and reports


  • Mathematical vocabulary skills

  • Counting

  • Number recognition 1-100

  • Addition/subtraction facts

  • Matching, classifying, comparing, and sequencing

  • Measurement 

  • Place value of 1's and 10's

  • Money

  • Shapes

  • Time to the hour and half hour

  • Parts of a clock


Social Studies / Science

  • A well-rounded curriculum interwoven into reading, math, vocabulary, and handwriting activities

  • Learning through: books, interactive technologies, pictures, field trips, models, displays, hands on activities, games, and experiments

  • Trips to the outdoor classroom

  • Project Based Learning 

  • “God’s Bounty” garden and outdoor classroom

1st Grade
1st Grade

Language Arts

  • Phonics and phonemic awareness

  • Fluency and reading comprehension 

  • Vocabulary building

  • Development of literary skills

  • Grammar 

  • Technology

  • Creative writing in a journal


  • Writing in a complete paragraph

  • Pre-cursive letter formation


  • Whole group activities 

  • “Hands-on manipulatives”

  • Critical thinking skills to solve real world problems

  • Fluent facts 1-20

  • Place value of 1's, 10's, and 100's

  • Odd and even counting

  • Coin recognition

Social Studies / Science

  • Current event studies: National Geographic, Studies Weekly, and Scholastic Weekly Reader

  • Map skills

  • Communities around the world

  • Historical events

  • Character development

  • Project Based Learning

  • “God’s Bounty” garden and outdoor classroom

2nd Grade
2nd Grade

Language Arts

The five components of reading: 

  • Phonics

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Comprehension

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary 

Handwriting and writing skills

  •  Cursive letter formation


  • National Mathematical Practice/Standards

  • Whole group activities, cooperative learning techniques, and/or individualized instruction

  • Hands-on activities/centers, and games

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Number and Operations in Base Ten 

  • Measurement and Data

  • Geometry 



  • Living Things Grow and Change

  • Homes for living things

  • Exploring the earth’s surface

  • Space and weather

  • Explore matter

  • Energy in motion

  • Opportunity to explore and experiment

Social Studies

  • The world around us

  • Study of different countries, cultures, languages, geography

  • Map skills

  • Current events

  • Communities around the world

  • Historical events

  • Character development

  • Project Based Learning

  • “God’s Bounty” garden and outdoor classroom

3rd Grade
3rd Grade

Language Arts

  • Character traits

  • Summarizing

  • Main idea and key details

  • Figurative language

  • Making inferences

  • Synonyms/Antonyms

  • Reading strategies

Handwriting and writing skills

  • Writing a strong paragraph

  • Organizing our writing

  • Writing an essay


  • Properties of multiplication and division

  • Place value and problem solving with units of measure

  • Fractions as numbers on a number line

  • Geometry

  • Word problems using various operations

4th Grade
4th Grade

Language Arts

  • Novel studies

  • Variety of stories that cover helping others, being a good friend, and being a productive citizen of your community

  • How inventions can solve problems

Handwriting and writing skills

  • Journals

  • Opinion Writing

  • Informative/Explanatory Texts

  • Narrative Writing


  • Place value, rounding, and algorithms for addition and subtraction

  • Unit conversions and problem solving with metric measurement

  • Multi-digit multiplication and division

  • Angle measure and plane figures

  • Fraction equivalence, ordering, and operations

  • Decimal fractions

  • Exploring measurement with multiplication



  • Animal Group Survival and Adaptations

  • Natural Selection

  • Humans and Natural Hazards

  • Life Cycles of Plants & Animals

  • Inherited and Learned Traits

  • Fossils

Social Studies

  • Map Skills

  • US states and regions

  • Tennessee geography and history

  • Early explorers

  • Early American history

  • World geography 

  • Important U.S. and world cities

  • Project Based Learning

  • “God’s Bounty” garden and outdoor classroom



  • How waves move and transmit information

  • Earth’s landforms and features

  • History of Earth’s Surface

  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes

  • Tsunamis and Floods

  • Energy from renewable and nonrenewable resources

  • Structures and functions of plants and animals

  • Information processing in animals

  • The Role of animals’ eyes

Social Studies

  • The War for Independence

  • Creating a New Government

  • Building a New Nation

  • The United States Prior to the Civil War

  • The Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Project Based Learning

  • “God’s Bounty” garden and outdoor classroom

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