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All Saints' Lower School provides a setting, which encourages independent study habits and academic growth.​

Our goal is for students to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready for the challenges of the upper grades while offering an academically rigorous integrated curriculum.

Lower School students are encouraged to honor, respect, and love God and others in an intellectually stimulating, and culturally diverse community

We provide opportunities for each child to achieve academic excellence in a Christian environment that builds character and respect for all God's creation

We offer:​

  • Differentiated and individualized instruction
  • Cooperative learning and outdoor classroom experiences in agriculture
  • Enrichment Classes: Art, Music, Spanish, Technology, Faith Studies, Library, Science, and Physical Education
  • Activities that develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and foster spiritual, physical, cultural and social development
  • Lessons that promote the balance of self-confidence with responsibility, and compassion
  • Experiences in leadership with cooperation, intellectual challenge with social acceptance and tolerance

Opportunity to grow academically, enhance socialization skills in learning how to work collaboratively