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Why should you consider All Saints' Episcopal School?


  • Smaller class sizes. Our average class size is 10 students. This allows teachers to give more individual attention to each student and to tailor instruction to their specific needs.
  • Rigorous academics. All Saints offers a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges students to think critically and solve problems and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as athletics, arts, and clubs, which can help students develop their interests and talents.
  • Strong faculty. All Saints has a strong faculty of experienced and qualified teachers. These teachers are passionate about their subject areas and are committed to helping students succeed.
  • Diverse community. All Saints has a diverse student body, which can help students learn about different cultures and perspectives. This can be a valuable experience for students as they prepare to enter the world beyond school.
  • Personalized attention. All Saints offers a more personalized educational experience than most schools. This can be especially beneficial for students who need extra help or who are gifted and talented.
  • Community involvement. All Saints has a strong sense of community. This can help students develop a sense of belonging and responsibility.


For more information about enrollment please visit our Admissions Process Page.