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Choosing to send your child to an independent school is a financial investment. Starting in 2024, All Saints is aligning with independent school best practices and starting a Tuition Refund Plan provided by Dewar. Dewar has been a leading provider of tuition insurance for nearly a century. Tuition insurance is not just what they do, it's the only thing they do. They are the originators of the Tuition Refund Plan and serve over 1,200 independent schools.

The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) protects the financial investments of families from an unexpected change in enrollment during the academic year. Participation is recommended for all and will be required for those using bi-annual or monthly payment plans.

Your financial obligation to the school is for the full annual tuition as stated in the school’s enrollment contract. The school cannot refund tuition or cancel unpaid obligations if a student is forced to withdraw during the academic year. The school’s costs don’t decrease if a student leaves (i.e. if a 3rd grade student leaves, the 3rd grade teacher’s salary doesn’t decrease, etc.), so the school needs to count on those tuition dollars.

This is where TRP kicks in, providing relief for the families and assurances for the school. TRP covers most reasons for a student to leave school, including if the student is dismissed from school and will pay 50% of the remaining tuition. The premium for TRP is 2.6% of the final billable Family Individualized Tuition fee, due the first month of school. Here are a few scenarios.

How a claim would be paid using the same 6th Grade Student Example